Join SPARK ERA and become the greatest Star Pioneer ever!

Join the SPARK ERA Pre-Sale Plan now and get ready for the interstellar journey!
This is the first time that Spark Era has launched a Pre-Sale Program. Each traveler has only one chance to participate!
Travelers will get the Genesis Edition loot box! You will also have the opportunity to win an IDO slot for FIRE tokens!
Travelers can either transfer or sell cards to make money in advance or wait for the game to go live and fight right away!
It is worth mentioning that: the Genesis Edition loot box will contain only four unique commemorative leader gold cards and a small number of legend cards.
If you want to learn more about the pre-sell, Please go to the Spark Era's Official Support page.

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Become the greatest Star Trailblazer ever

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The early access version of the game will be launched in the third quarter of 2021.



Prepare for the war!

  • Get ready for your interstellar journey!
  • Each Genesis Edition loot box can issue only 1 card!
  • Each Genesis Edition edition loot box can contain one of four cards' quality: legendary, epic, rare, and common!
  • Have a chance to get 1 of the 4 commemorative leader gold cards!
  • These cards will have different looks and attributes, and they will be illustrated by world-class artists. They are collectible NFT and have DeFi's pledge function, but you can also play them as game cards!
  • It is worth mentioning that compared to the upcoming game, the chances of opening high-quality cards from the Genesis Edition loot box is much higher!

Pick your side

The Confederation of Earth

Empire of Amda

Omani Zerg

The Titans


Start a journey

Join the Star Wars, plunder resources, and fight to defend your faction!

Build a starship

With legendary commanders, scientists, and brave warriors of the stars!

Strengthen your Star Warriors and unlock your exclusive tech branch!

Spark Era combines the ingenuity of blockchain technology and

let you have the ultimate play experience as well as creating extremely high economic benefits!


Combat experience with TCG cards

With the TCG card, not only can you use it to play our V2 TCG game, you can also use it to enhance your fleet/spaceship mining powers and increase your gain by mining planets.

Join our majestic world created by Unity. Fight against your opponents and get extra financial gains!

No matter which card you recieved, there is always one suitable for you. Each of your interstellar activities will bring glory to your faction!