Activity Details

1. Each interstellar citizen can only join once the creation commemorative loot box pre-sell plan, only one purchase for one wallet address!

2. The commemorative creation loot box will be opened at a fixed date after purchasing.

3. The probability for each card:
Commemorative Leader Gold Card:0.04%
Legendary Card: 1%
Epic Card: 12%
Rare Card: 27%
Common Card:29.96%

4. The cards created in the pre-sell activity will be the only credential to get IDO qualification! Those who are qualified to draw IDO should have the legendary cards or above! If you are lucky to have a commemorative leader gold card, you will be eligible for IDO in advance!

5. The cards created in the pre-sell plan won’t be sold in the future, they are unparalleled!

6. After the pre-sell activity finishes, the unsold creation commemorative loot box will be destroyed.

7. The cards in the pre-sell plan are allowed to be traded, given away, played after the launch of the game, and participated in Decentralized Finance(DeFi) service.

8. The cards of Spark Era are painted by artists from different countries. Each card is characteristic of the NFT collection and will be continuously empowered in the future.

9. To participate in the pre-sell plan, make sure you read and comply with the Services Policy and Privacy Policy.

10. Firework Games owns rights for the explanation of the activity.